White Copal Resin

White Copal Resin

White Copal Resin

White Copal Resin


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Copal is a resin produced from tree sap. It has been used since Mayan and Aztec civilizations as a sacred tool for purification. Copal eradicates negative energy and creates space for fresh new vibrant energy and thus helps purify, protect spaces as well as living beings too.

At a Physical level it can help  detoxify body.

At an Emotional level it can help clear energy blockages so we are more in harmony and balance.

At a Mental level it enhances clarity, creativity in all aspects, boosts confidence.

Suggested uses:

  1. Clear any new spaces
  2. During meditation to establish clear and powerful connection with the Divine
  3. Clear house/business spaces
  4. Purify any negative thought patters/emotional energies
  5. Transmute diseased energies that are built up because of sickness
  6. Bring in more harmony and wellbeing

Suggested Method:

Invoke the purest Divine energy (God/Universe/Higher-Self/any other name you resonate with). Ask them to cleanse/purify all negative energy in and around you or your desired spaces completely and infuse with Divine Love/Divine Harmony/Oneness/wellbeing-spirituality/Prosperity/Abundance/Unconditional Love/Blessings.

Use your favorite method of cleansing.

Remember to show gratitude for granting you this great gift.