Fortune Crystals is a creation of two energy enthusiasts. As we all know energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one form to another for example, from negativity to positivity, from hatred to love, from sadness to happiness, from lack to abundance and so on. Our founders understood this ultimate truth in their lives from their own contrasts and asking. And they realized this simple yet powerful solution to everything. Once they welcomed this truth into their lives, everything started working out. They were divinely guided in the right direction for their highest good in their own ways. They also came across many different modalities like Reiki, yoga, crystals, meditation, chakra healing, sound healing, law of attraction and many more. With this collective knowledge they made a difference in other lives as well.

With time they realized that there is so much need for positivity all around us. They decided to share this goodness by creating a stage where people can not only come and connect with them but also find other legitimate tools for various purpose of lives be it spiritual or just an art of day to day living.

All the offerings at the Fortune Crystals are not only divinely guided but also Reiki charged for the intention of highest good of all.