Unakite Jasper Tumbled Stones

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CHAKRAS: All, especially Heart (4th)


PHYSICAL: Offers spiritual energetic support in the treatment of cancers or heart disease, promotes the growth of healthy tissue, can also be useful in recovery from injury

EMOTIONAL Assists one in truly releasing negative emotions and the habitual thought patterns that give rise to them

SPIRITUAL Raises the vibration of the physical and emotional bodies by helping release disharmonious emotional patterns and the lower emotional frequencies.

Unakite is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 6.5 to 7. It is known for its lovely pink and green patterns. Unakite Jasper is found in Brazil, South Africa and other countries. Unakite embodies Jasper’s quality of slow-moving beneficial influence. It facilitates the gradual elimination of bad habits, especially those of overeating and overconsumption of alcohol. It helps one unearth and release the bonds and fold emotional wounds in a way that avoids shock and trauma. It supports the purging, over a period of one to two years of many toxic energies and substances from the cellular level of the body. It brings all the nonphysical bodies into eventual alignment with the physical body and with one another, creating the opportunity for attunement with the higher worlds. Unakite leaches patience and persistence and reminds one that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Unakite is a stone for true spiritual seekers who wish to hold steadfast to their chosen path.

Source: The pocketbook of stones by Robert Simmons


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