Free 10 minute Reading with Marisol – Thursday, March 18th via Zoom


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Marisol is giving free 10 minute reading on March 18th from 7pm – 9pm by zoom. Please pick your slot and take advantage of this special offer, Zoom info will be provided on 18th.

Marisol has been an intuitive since childhood. Her first encounter was when she was merely 10 year old child. On a New Year’s eve, she suddenly started screaming out of no where, family had no idea why she was so much in agony. Later they learned that one of their family member had been hit by another car.
It was 1995 when she decided to venture through Psychic readings and expand her intuitive abilities even more. Since then she has been serving the community in various different ways. Not only she gives Tarot card session, she passionately teaches how to read Tarot cards, law of attractions and many other modalities.
Check out her YouTube channel: energy messages by Mari playlist.

7.30pm-7.40pm, 7.45pm-7.55pm, 8.00pm-8.10pm, 8.15pm-8.25pm, 8.30pm-8.40pm, 8.45pm-8.55pm

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