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Do you feel the need to resolve your fears, anxiety, relationship issues, health issues, self hatred, addiction, guilt awakening process etc.?

Pooja Mehta our spiritual coach believes that we are all a part of the Divine and has unconditional love for all, she has profound empathy and can see beyond the physical She is intuitive, supportive and can helps to heal, overcome challenges, embrace life and live with happiness and peace. Pooja started her career with the Corporate world connecting with people in different continents and parts of the world. She has tried to always put herself in others shoes and understand every perspective on the table. Our emotional entanglements, preconceived notions, fears, judgements, patterns drags us down mentally, physically and spiritually. Pooja listens to the challenges and sends healing and gets to the root of the cause.

Pooja has healed many in various predicaments. A very close friend of hers was severely alcoholic and she coached him self love, instilled confidence within him and he is now totally free from alcoholism. One of her clients was suffering from insomnia. She had fear of sleeping as she could see things beyond our realm. Pooja coached her in accepting her awakening as a blessing and to become comfortable with the awakening process. Pooja not only coaches adults but also kids. She instills confidence, love and acceptance within kids. She has coached kids on how to accept themselves the way they are, always giving a helping hand and how to overcome their fears. Kids suffer from all kinds of fears – fear of water, fear of heights, fear of ladders, fear of unknown places, fear of darkness etc. The smile on the child’s face when they overcome their fears and embarrassment is priceless and her biggest reward. Many a times there have been clients who walk into our store looking for guidance and Pooja is always willing to help and reach as many beings and spread love, peace and happiness

Book a session with Pooja today. She offers both in-person at the Store or online over Zoom.

Each session is an hour long and once you buy the session can schedule the suitable time with her.

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