Sodalite Bracelet (6mm)



Keywords: Access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, Enlighted insight and mental performance, deepened intuition

Chakras: Third Eye (6th)

Spiritual: Conjoins mental acuity and psychic ability for wider awareness

Emotional: Aids one’s insight, allowing understanding of emotional issues

Physical: Supports maintenance of healthy blood pressure and hydration

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Sodalite is a stone of insight, helping one penetrate paradox and contradiction in order to form a new synthesis of thought. It enhances the mental powers of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity and is stimulating to one’s latent genius. It facilitates self disciple, efficiency, organization and structure in research and other mental pursuits. Sodalite provides insight into the self and a dispassionate assessment of one’s motivations, strengthens weaknesses, desires, gifts, and patterns of personal destiny. It an reinforce one’s “witness” consciousness, and it brings a kind of stubborn courage into vision and multi-leveled understanding, sparking the “aha!” moments wherein one sees the patterns that connects the inner and outer worlds. Sodalite can aid astrologers, numerologies, tarot readers and all those who translate the archetypal patterns reveled in oracles.


For insight and mental ability, Sodalite harmonizes w/ Iolite, Lapis Lazuli,  Siberian Blue Quartz, Blue Sapphire and Lazulite. Moldavite simulates all of these. Phenacite, Natroite, Herderite Scolecite and Danburite expand Sodalite’s openings into higher dimensions.


Source: “The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons.

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