Shoppe Geo - Ritual Kit

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Shoppe Geo – Ritual Kit – Fresh Start: Cleanse + Harmonize with Crystals

How to use crystal energy to cleanse + harmonize vibrations: hold crystals and reflect upon their properties; carry crystals with you in a special bag; make crystal grids with certain intentions to shift energy; place crystals on chakra points of your body to open the flow of energy

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Instead of the daily grind, choose a daily ritual! This set of tools can be used to freshen any space, whether yuou are home or traveling. Ritual Kit: Fresh Start clears the energy around and within you to bring you into harmony with your surroundings. Place the crystals in the ceramic dish provided to add some sparkle to your environment and pick them up whenever you need an energy recharge – by day or night!

Easily set intentions around centering and grounding your personal energy while beautifying the space around you. From clearing blocked energy to inviting love and awareness into your life, this kit will help you create meaningful, personal rituals focused on self-care practices and intentional living.

Individual Crystal Meanings

Discover the ancient power of crystal gems and unlock your inner potential. Learn which gemstones are best suited to you and how to use their energies to bring balance and harmony into your life. Unlock the secrets of crystal healing with our comprehensive guide.