Shoppe Geo – Healing Stones



Shoppe Geo – Healing Stones: An Introduction to Crystal Energy for Total Wellbeing

Create a relaxing session with Healing Stones:

Unwind and refocus your energy with the help of crystals! Select a few crystals to hold in the palm of your hand. Set a positive intention and relax. Eyes may be open or closed when still. Take a few deep breaths. Let the energy of the crystals flow through your body. Blow on the crystals three times to clear the energy for next use.

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Healing occurs at the intersection of self-acceptance and self-improvement: a balancing point where the emotional body speaks through the physical body. You can find healing through acknowledging the emotional shadows and bringing them to light. Crystals facilitates this process with their unique energetic properties in a holistic approach to well-being. Refer to the crystal property guide inside this stone pack to learn about the 12 crystals included. Energy healing practices are used in many cultures around the world to soothe disruptions in the energetic field around the body. Replace feelings of dis-ease with love and you will discover ease!

Individual Crystal Meanings

Discover the ancient power of crystal gems and unlock your inner potential. Learn which gemstones are best suited to you and how to use their energies to bring balance and harmony into your life. Unlock the secrets of crystal healing with our comprehensive guide.