Shoppe Geo – Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit



A 7-Part Journey with Crystal Energy

Crystal Grid Toolkit Includes: 15 genuine crystals; Luxe metallic printed grid template: Guidance to create 6 crystal grids; Natural cotton drawstring bag for your journey

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Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit: A 7-Part Jurney with Crystal Energy expands your horizons with the interactive experience of creating crystal grids. The innate energy of crystals is amplified by setting intentions and tapping into the sacred geometry found in crystal grids. Experiment with placing your lovely crystal grid creation in a space that could use a boost of positivity and feel the energy transform as a result! You can also place your crystal grid in a special, quiet location, so it can work with your intention until you feel you are ready to create a new crystal layout on the template. Enjoy exploring these tools to elevate your life with sacred symmetry!

Individual Crystal Meanings

Discover the ancient power of crystal gems and unlock your inner potential. Learn which gemstones are best suited to you and how to use their energies to bring balance and harmony into your life. Unlock the secrets of crystal healing with our comprehensive guide.