Rainbow Fluorite & Amethyst Bracelet (8mm)



Key words: Protection, purification, divine connection, anti-anxiety, stress relief, release addictions, mental enhancement, clarity, improved decision-making, clearing the energy fields.

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Rainbow Fluorite
Spiritual: Brings structure & focus to incohesive energies. Helps one attune to higher guidance during meditation which tend to have rich insights & visions. Ideal for strengthening one’s ability to receive psychic information from energy fields & enhances one’s capacity for interpreting such info.

Emotional: Remedies confusion, instability, dishonesty. Helps to overcome fears of the future. Aids in ‘thinking through’ one’s feelings before acting when overwhelmed by emotional experience.

Physical: Stimulates the brain by balancing brain chemistry, enhancing learning & memorization skills. Helps one to be more balanced, can assist in dizziness & vertigo. Excellent for strengthening the bones & teeth.

Spiritual: The most powerful healing stone. It opens your crown chakra which enhances spiritual growth by facilitating connections with spirit guides, angels, source, etc. Used to power the third eye which enhances intuition.

Emotional: Aids in dispelling as it has a very calming energy which promotes relaxation. Helps to clear negative thought patterns, release addictions and any other dependencies that do not serve one’s highest good.

Physical: Assists with restful sleep and helpful for those suffering from nightmares or night terrors. Amethyst helps balance the nervous system and the brain. Lends clarity of mind which make it more difficult for addictions to take hold within one’s mind. Aids oxygenation of the blood.

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