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Key Words: Awakening the heart; Linking the lower and higher self; Deep connection with Nature

Chakras: Heart (4th), Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th), Solar Plexus (3rd)

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3 in stock

Spiritual: Prasiolite assists those are are ungrounded in connection with the Earth, while it stimulates those are are overly concerned with Earthly matters to open to Spirit. It allows one to attune to the frequency of Love, which is the basis of all spiritual knowledge and the means through which that knowledge is shared.

Emotional: Fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honor. It reminds us that we can all share Love and that is sharing Love is the first and most important spiritual act. It enables one to receive the energy of love, reminding us that in receiving this frequency from others or from the Divine, we are honoring the Creator.

Physical: Prasiolite is an excellent stone for supporting the physical heart. It is also useful in issues of digestion, stomach -acid imbalance, assimilation of nutrients and cellular nourishment. It can aid in remedying eating disorders.


Source: “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashian



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