Pink Amethyst Generator



Key Words: Stress Relief, Grounding, Raise Frequency, Femininity

Chakras: Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th), Heart (4th)

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Pink Amethyst is a relatively new stone – only discovered in Patagonia in 2019. Pink Amethyst is related to the well-known Purple Amethyst, and occurs when Hematite is naturally introduced to the formation of the crystal.

Spiritual Healing Properties: Unlike Purple Amethyst which is closely related to the psychic realms, Pink Amethyst provides a level of grounding, allowing the user to perceive emotions at a physical level.

Emotional Healing Properties: Raises one’s frequency, and allows one to view the mundane world from a higher perspective. Provides stress relief.

Physical Healing Properties: Can reduce headaches, facilitates lucid dreaming, assists with calming stress related issues. Regulates blood pressure, gut issues, as well as an over-active nervous system.



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