Hypersthene Bracelet

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Key words: Self knowledge through visionary  awareness, receiving and understanding through connecting with morphic fields, self healing through visualization, accepting one’s shadow

Chakras:  Third eye(6th)

Element:  Wind

Physical: Aids in the process of self-healing through  creative visualization

Emotional:  Bring awareness to one’s shadow side into consciousness, aids emotional healing through understanding and self-acceptance

Spiritual: Enhances psychic vision, increases spiritual awareness  and intuitive understanding through resonance with morphic fields of knowledge


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Hypersthene is a stone of psychic vision, and can reveal insight to help one solve problems. It is also a stone of magic, aiding those who wish to manifest their intentions by implanting their patterns into higher morphic fields, where they are received and from which responses will come.

Hypersthene can be used to promote the healing process through creative visualizations. Using Hypersthene’s capacities to enhance vision and magnify intention, the results of visualization therapy can be greatly improved. In the emotional realm, Hypersthene helps one understand, accept and heal one’s shadow side. Using this stone in meditation helps one to inwardly see and accept the judged and disregarded part of one’s nature, expanding one’s conscious self-awareness and bringing one into a state of wholeness.

Hypersthene combines synergestically with Labradorite, Golden Labradorite, Spectrolite, Phenacite, Danburite and Moldavite. With Azozeo super activated Azeztulites, Hypersthene lends a vivid visionary quality to the experience of spiritual awakening and transformation.



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