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CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th)

ELEMENTS: Earth, Water

PHYSICAL Supports all levels of the body, activates appropriate immune response, fills the body with Life Force for healing, rejuvenation, longevity

EMOTIONAL: Initiates states of joy and inner harmony

SPIRITUAL: Supports spiritual awakening and development, increases vitality, expands awareness

Healerite is a magnesium-silicate mineral with a hardness of 25 to 4.1t

L is a lime-green color and is found in the Northwest USA.

Healerite emanates profound healing energies, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of subtle matter-energy.

Its currents carry emanations of well-being to body and soul. It resonates with the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, facilitating an elevation and alignment of one’s entire vibrational field. It stimulates the harmonious accord of awareness, love and will, empowering one to manifest these fully.

Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level, harmonizing with the Divine Blueprint of the holistic perfection of the body. Emotionally, Healerite encourages joy, expan-siveness, generosity, intimacy and heart-centered awareness. It facilitates the recollection of past lives, for learning the lessons that allow one to correct dysfunctional patterns. On the spiritual level, Healerite is a stone of planetary healing, helping to dispel the ill effects of war, pollution, deforestation, and environmental exploitation.

Source: The pocketbook of stones by Robert Simmons


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