Golden Healer Flame



Key Words: Pure Golden Ray of spiritual Light; Self-healing; Christ consciousness

Chakras: All

Spiritual: Aids in drawing the highest spiritual Light into oneself and the Earth; can initiate one’s connection to Christ Consciousness.

Emotional: Helps one feel inner joy regardless of outer circumstances.

Physical: Supports self-healing of the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

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Golden Healer Quartz crystals emanate profoundly powerful currents for healing of the body and the expansion of consciousness. They emanates strong waves of pleasurable energy that permeate the entire body. They are linked to the Divine Messenger and are attuned to the purpose of co-creating the Earth as a Planet of Light. In their highest capacity, Golden Healers give access to Christ consciousness, enabling human beings to become the living vehicles for the Gold Christ Light to enter the world. These crystals resonate to the Great Central Sun, the source of the Golden Ray within the Universe.

In spiritual self-healing, Golden Healer supports all parts of the body through its infusion of spiritual Light. It resonates most readily with the heart and can work as a catalyst for healing the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Golden Healer resonates strongly with other stones of the Golden Ray such as Himalayan Gold Azeztulite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Helidor, Golden Azeztuilte crystals, Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite, Golden Apatite, Brazilianite, and Agni old Danburite. It has a natural affinity to stones that have been super-activates through the Azozeo process.

Individual Crystal Meanings

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