Energy Cleansing Crystals - Judy Hall



Energy Cleansing Crystals: How to Use Crystals to Optimize Your Surroundings

By Judy Hall – bestselling author of The Crystal Bible 

A Supercharged Crystal Detox for Yourself, Your Space and the Planet


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Do you constantly feel tired, stressed or anxious? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed by other people’s toxic energy? Do you worry about climate change and the environmental threat to the Earth? In this practical and accessible guide, Judy Hall explains how to use crystals – the tools given to us by the Earth herself – to clear and energize yourself, your surroundings and the whole planet.

Suitable for beginners and experienced crystal users alike, this book will guide you in taking your crystal work to a new level – let the crystals speak to you, experiment with the layouts, try out new combinations and really feel the energies they generate. Through joyful crystal play, learn how to:

*Detox and re-energize your home and workplace

*Rebalance your chakras and harmonize your psyche

*Improve water quality, enhance the environment and bring more love to any location on Earth

*And more!

Individual Crystal Meanings

Discover the ancient power of crystal gems and unlock your inner potential. Learn which gemstones are best suited to you and how to use their energies to bring balance and harmony into your life. Unlock the secrets of crystal healing with our comprehensive guide.