Emerald Tumbled Stones

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Love, Compassion, Healing, Abundance

Chakra: Heart(4th)

Element: Water




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15 in stock

Emerald facilitates the awakening to divine love. It supports the heart, blood and circulatory systems. It opens the heart to love, forgiveness, compassion and trust. It is the stone which most purely represents the energy patterns of the activated heart chakra. It encourages one to live and act from the heart, offering unconditional love and compassion in one’s daily life and relationships, opening one to receive love from others and clearing the channel for one’s connection with divine love. It can help one stay centered in heart’s wisdom and can aid in healing heartbreak. It is known as a stone of prosperity. It is also a stone of courage. It helps move forward on the path with heart regardless of any threats or dangers which seemed to threaten love.

Source: “The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons

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