Danburite Stones


Danburite Stones

Key words: Angelic communication, channeling, interdimensional travel, peace, freedom from stress

Chakras: Heart(4th), Crown(7th), Etheric(8th-14th)

Element: Wind


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Danburite facilitates angelic communication, channeling, inter dimensional travel, peace, freedom from stress. Physically it supports recovery from stress related illnesses. Emotionally it aids in finding inner peace, calming worries and fears.  Danburite is a gentle and powerful aid to the upliftment of one’s awareness to the higher spiritual vibrations. It clears and opens the crown chakra, linking and harmonizing it with the heart. It activates and integrates the transpersonal and etheric chakras above the head, all the way up to the fourteenth chakra. This allow one to move in consciousness into the angelic domain, with which Danburite has a special resonance.

Danburite is excellent for those who need to release stress and worry. It soothes the heart and sends it the message that all is well. Holding a danburite in each hand can be a very calming experience and boon to meditation. Danburite has a way of calming down the mind chatter that can create a cycle of stress.