Citrine Bracelet (8mm)

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Key Words: Manifestation, personal will, clarity, creativity

Chakras: Root (1st), Creative (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Spiritual: Enhances creative imagination, manifestation through the will

Emotional: Stimulates optimism, playfulness, decisiveness in difficult situations

Physical: Energetically supports digestion, weight loss


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12 in stock

Citrine aids in manifestation, peroneal will, mental clarity, creativity. It works with root, creative, solar plexus chakras. Physically it energetically supports digestion, metabolism, weight loss. Emotionally it stimulates optimism, playfulness, decisiveness in difficult situations. Spiritually it enhances creative imagination, manifestation through the will. Citrine opens the inner doors to increased clarity of thought, enhanced creativity and magnified powers of will and manifestation. It is one of the most powerful stone for second chakra and is capable of awakening the powers of imagination. Citrine, in both natural and heated form, stimulates imagination through three portals- second, third and sixth chakras.  Citrine activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity, as well as visionary function through which inner images appear.

Source: The pocket book of source by Robert Simmons

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