Aquamarine Tumbled Stones



Key words: cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication

Chakras: Throat95th), Heart(4th)

Element: Water


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30 in stock

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Aquamarine facilitates calming and cooling, from anger to hot flashes and they also activate throat chakra, assisting in the clear communication of one’s highest truth. They are stones of  the water element, bringing one in touch with sub conscious, the domains of spirit and our deepest emotions. Their energy is as refreshing as a shower under a cool waterfall. It brings one to a relaxed, alert stage of consciousness in which one is fully aware of one’s own store of knowledge, wisdom and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction.

For women, aquamarine lends the courage and clarity to express one’s inner knowing and it enhances intuitive abilities. It is a doorway to communication with the goddess, both within the self and her outer manifestation.

For men, aquamarine helps dispel emotional numbness and the difficulty men sometimes experience in communicating their feelings. It also calms frustration and helps one keep one’s temper, even when provoked.

Aquamarine connects to the divine feminine, the source of life energies, and those who wish to know her better can use this stone as a gateway.

Source: The pocket book of source by Robert Simmons


Tumbled Stone

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