Amazonite Tumbled Stones



Key words: Truth, communication, harmony

Chakras: Heart(4th), Throat(5th)

Element:  Water


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Amazonite is a stone of harmony both within the self and among people. It is truth-teller and peac emaker. Amazonite awakens compassion through stimulation of heart chakra. Meditation with amazonite makes everything more conscious, so that once can listen to and integrate all aspects of self. Because it is a stone of  truth, once can trust visions, dreams and intuitions that surface while working with it.

Amazonite can also empower us in manifesting our dreams and desires. It is a magnifier of our intentions, and because it works with throat chakra, these intentions must be spoken aloud. Holding amazonite and affiriming aloud what once wishes to create can powerfully enhance one’s ability to bring it into being. Amazonite teaches us to speak the truth and to make what we speak come true.

Source: The pocket book of source by Robert Simmons


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