Agate Plated Crescent Moon

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Agate Plated Crescent Moon

Key Words: Stability, Balances All Chakras, De-Stresses and Calms, Connection to Higher Self, Encourages Balance in Life.



Agate Crescent Moon (Plated) – Agate is the the stone of stability. This stone opens and balances all of the Chakras, as there are many different kinds of agate.

It helps to bring our entire body to perfect stabilization and relaxation. Powers as an amplifier, and de-stresses with a calming energy. Encourages a harmonious balance of one’s mind, body and soul.

Vibrates at a low intensity and low frequency, but is highly strengthening. Helps one to see the abundance of joys and goodness life has to offer. Connects you to your higher self. Brings harmony throughout the body, aura and mind.

Encourages unity, harmony and balance in love and life.

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