7 Chakra Bracelet with Hematite

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7 Chakra bracelet includes hematite (good for grounding, transmuting negative energy to positive, blood issues, detoxification), connection to spiritual paths, pain relief, serenity), red jasper (root), carnelian (sacral), citrine (solar plexus), green aventurine (heart), angelite (throat), sodalite (third eye), amethyst (crown)

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Out of stock

Root Chakra (1st) – located at the base of the spine – grounding

Sacral Chakra (2nd) – located about 2 inches below navel – confidence and creativity

Solar Plexas Chakra (3rd) – located in the center of the chest, near heart – willpower and motivation

Heart Chakra (4th) – located the center of the chest, near heart – love and healing

Throat Chakra (3rd) – located in between the collarbones – communication

Third Eye Chakra (2nd) – located in the center between the eyebrows – intuition

Crown Chakra (1st) – located on the top of the head, center of the crown area – connection to higher powers

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