Here is Marisol in her words

“My name is Marisol.  Most people know me in the tarot community as Mari. When I was about 10 years old something happened in my family that changed my world. It was New Year’s Eve. My family and I had gone to dinner along with other family members . To make a long story short the members of the family in the other car got a flat tire. All of a sudden I started screaming; no one knew why. Well I knew that something horrible had happened, and it did. A car had hit one of the family members from the car that had the flat tire. In 1995 I decided to explore more about intuition , psychic readings, etc. I started giving readings to my friends and although I wasn’t polished yet, they would be amazed.  Today I have my own YouTube channel (energy messages by Mari playlist).  I also teach about the law of attraction on tic toc (Kaleidoscope of Energies) and so many other things that the universe has blessed me with, in order to help others on their own personal life journey.”