Areas of Expertise:

Experiencer & Researcher of Extra<>Intra<>Ultra Terrestrial Studies Specified Areas of Ufology, Exopolitics, Ancient Alien Theory
Dreamologist including technique and interpretation
Consciousness Science


Joseph DeBonis is a creative writer, lyricist, dreamologist, para-scientist and an independent researcher. 

Joseph studies a wide range of topics native to Earth & the great infinite cosmos.  He also is a student of teachings on spiritualism and mysticism. He likes a popular saying that is associated with mysticism — “rule #1 in mysticism, is there are no answers,” but himself being in the truth community, the honesty of being a truth seeker and truth teller in a respectful intended way is important to him. Joseph feels having productive, open conversations about a vast array of topics that are gaining traction in the mass consciousness of people on Earth, will be a positive action in a world filled with increasing mis-information, tribalism, and propaganda.

Joseph’s primary focus is the study of extraterrestrials, consciousness science, meta-psychics, Ufology, Exopolotics, and Ancient Alien Theory to name a few. 

Joseph purposefully & poignantly explores ideas & concepts & theories on these various phenomena, applying a philosophical framework. He likes to focus on other-worldly beings that us humans would consider Angelic, and then share the message to others applying practices into our daily lives that will actually make us more compassionate, forgiving, and loving people whilst evolving as a species. 

Joseph’s study of topics like dreaming, ascension, ufology and disclosure are based on the application of this higher principal on simply being a kind person. 

Joseph also researches supernatural events, and has conducted numerous paranormal investigations. He is an experiencer, contactee and also has conducted field investigations, being a CE five practitioner — initiating peaceful contact with other-worldly beings with the intent of the highest good. He also teaches how to view UFO’s from your phone by spotting them with post video viewing skills.

Having many life experiences overall and inside the world of spirit and energy work, ask Joseph about a certain topic you may be curious about to see if he can shed some light on the subject.