Areas of Expertise:

Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Linguistics


B Bryce, of Connections with B, is a Spiritual Intuitive and Psychic Medium. She has worked for years to develop her craft with several notable mentors, teachers and mediums. She is also a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and a Registered Yoga Teacher. In addition to her spiritual journey, Bryce holds a Masters of Science in Linguistics. Using her background in teaching, Bryce brings her gentle understanding of human beings with her to each reading. She believes we are all both students and teachers of each other, regardless of our physical labels. Bryce also believes that we are all uniquely gifted and works to help her clients honor their inner guidance. During a reading, Bryce will read your energy field and discuss themes, challenges, gifts, paths and lessons. She will relay messages that help you to clear any blockages surrounding you. She may also use her reiki to help clear your energy. Bryce works with those seeking clarity, connection and validation. Bryce is a medium which means she also connects with your loved ones in spirit. She receives and delivers information to validate their presence on the other side. Bryce strives to help others heal from trauma, loss, and uncertainty.