Shivalingam Tumbled Stones

Shivalingam Tumbled Stones

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Shivalingam Tumbled Stone - 1- 2 inch in size. Actual tumble stone may vary from the picture

 Shiva Lingam has been a sacred stone for thousands of years. Symbolizing the Hindu god Shiva’s union with his consort Kali, this stone facilitates the union of opposites – masculine and feminine, body and soul. Shiva Lingam is believed to help inner reflection in order to release all that you have outgrown. Particularly useful for early childhood emotional pain, it reinstates trust in male energy including your own male qualities. Known as a fertility stone, it is a symbol of sexuality and potent male energy. Shiva Lingam activates the base and sacral chakras.

Chakra - Base, Root

Zodiac Sign - Scorpio