Amethyst Tumbled Stones - AAA grade

Amethyst Tumbled Stones - AAA grade

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Amethyst Tumbled Stone - 1 inch in size. Actual tumble stone may vary from the picture

Key words: a healer stone, spiritual growth, connecting with higher realms, helps get rid of any unwanted habits, assists in successful meditations

Amethyst carries calming, relaxing vibrations, which makes it suitable for any location which could use some relaxing vibes. It is best to carry with you in any form if you face a stressful routine, you may also place a bigger chunk on desk or bedroom for receiving its benefits. 

Amethyst is known as a healer stone, which works at spiritual, emotional and physical level. The calming attribute relaxes our body to make it ready to go through any kind of healing. Amethyst is also well known for overcoming any unwanted addictions, especially smoking, drinking, drug abuse. 

Amethyst works at a higher level of consciousness by relaxing our mind and raising our vibrations to higher level. This makes it a perfect companion for meditation. Once we start reaching to higher vibrations it is just natural to connect with the higher level of awareness, you may know it by the source/higher self/divine/god.