Vitality, growth, confidence

CHAKRAS: Heart (4th)

ELEMENT: Water, Earth

PHYSICAL: Supports general healing, increase of life force, heart and circulation

EMOTIONAL:  Inspires optimism, self-confidence, peace amid difficulty

SPIRITUAL: Brings good fortune and blessing, manifestation and prosperity

Green aventurine is crypto-crystalline. Its name is derived from the Italian a Ventura, a type of glass discovered around AD 1700. The color of Green Aventurine comes from microscopic Fuchsite particles.

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest for life. It helps one move forward with confidence into new situations, and even assists one in embracing such challenging issues as aging, illness and one’s own mortality.

It brings with it a feeling of lightness, even humor, as it assists one in dealing with the ups and downs of life. In emotional life, it allows one to look at the bright side of difficult issues. In healing, it instills life force and aids in rebuilding depleted energy reserves.

Green Aventurine can be a stone of “good luck” and is recommended for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity. It can assist in other situations where one’s overt external actions do not control the outcome. It would be a good stone to carry to the racetrack, a tax audit or a first date.

Green Aventurine harmonizes with all members of the Quartz family, as well as Moldavite, Moonstone, Morganite and both Green and Pink Tourmaline. The Tourmalines can magnify Aventurine’s heart chakra energies, making one prone to give and find love more easily.

Source: The pocketbook of stones by Robert Simmons