Areas of Expertise:

Psychic Medium
Past Life regression


As a psychic medium, information mostly comes to Dori through clairvoyance and clairaudience. Her proclivity to see or hear names increased when her father passed away in 2004, since then she has been serving the community with her gifts.

Spirit works through her with high accuracy. She receives the energy and therefore the information, in detailed ways. There are many occasions where this has been observed, a profound one is as follows. Dori was reading for a group and she kept seeing a young woman fixing her car. There was a father in the group who told her how he used to fix his daughter’s car when it would need some fixing, as it periodically broke down, and he taught her how to get the car moving again.

Dori loves reading Tarot cards, she feels people’s stories play out in the cards. In one reading she was able to provide comfort to a pregnant woman before she had her baby. Dori explained to her about some complications she may see when she goes into labor, but at the end everything will work out just fine.” The new mom messaged her a month later to say that her baby’s pressure dropped very low, and they rushed her for a C-Section, and remembering what Dori had said, she found comfort and strength to go through tough times patiently.

Her friends call her “The Unknown Long Island Medium.”

Dori also is passionate about Past Life regressions. She gets her clients into a very relaxed, fully aware state, and asks questions on what they are experiencing. Time and time again people are truly amazed at the details that come through, such as names, places, years. Since the client receives information, it is an excellent option for newbies or people who are not sure about the authenticity of the process.

Her charges are as follows:

Medium readings – $45/30 mins.
Tarot readings – $35/30 mins.
Past life regression – $60