Self-knowledge, link with one’s Divine Blueprint


ELEMENT: Storm PHYSICAL: Assists in overcoming addictions and self-destructive habits

EMOTIONAL: Aids in overcoming depression and boredom, promotes the zest of self-discovery

SPIRITUAL: Inspires realization of multidimensional self and life purpose which often occur in starbursts within its tan matrix rock. Its color is most often a coppery bronze but can also be golden yellow.

Astrophyllite aids in navigating the twists and turns of travels beyond the body-in and beyond the astral realm. It can help even in the often chaotic domain of dreams. It is both a spur to expanding consciousness and an anchor to assist one in returning to “home base.”

Astrophyllite can reveal the hidden pattern of one’s Divine blueprint, or life purpose. This may be revealed through an increase in synchronicities.

Astrophyllite is both a magnet for these synchronicities and an aid to being more aware of their occurrence and meaning.

Being out of alignment with one’s inner purpose can cause all sorts of symptoms, such as boredom, depression, overeating, addictions and so forth.

Source: The pocketbook of stones by Robert Simmons