Anu is highly passionate about bringing positive change and help transform lives. She is highly intuitive and has made a difference to hundreds of people that she has interacted with. Some of her success testimonials are,

“Anu is my spiritual ‘Guru’, She has helped me transform my life in every possible way. By receiving Reiki from her it helped heal my mind, body and spirit. I have recognized new gifts within me like being ‘Clairaudient’ and ‘Clairvoyant’. She always talks about ‘Law of Attraction’ and has helped me manifest and receive my heart desires” – Pooja

“I had incurable eczema disease in both of my palms and I went to so many doctors but once I took just 2 Reiki sessions from Anu both of my hands healed” – Rosa

“I could not sleep for a month after sudden spiritual awakening, I was confused and terrified of what I will see once I sleep. Anu helped coach me to understand what spiritual progress means and accept my gifts and now I can sleep and am so happy. I have realized my own path and help others around me” – Chadei

“I had given up hope and was succumbed to my kidney disease but once I started taking Reiki from Anu I found that my major issue was my heart and not kidneys. I found the right doctor at the right time and the most effective treatment and now I am enjoying a normal life and feel much more healthier and happier” – Ramesh

Anu strongly believes and preaches these 2 mantras:

“Ask and it’s given” – Taps into consciousness, helps create whatever heart desires

“Things are easily and always working out for me” – Helps live life smoothly and happily

Anu channelizes Reiki with the intention of highest good for her clients, clients start receiving from the very first session. More gateways/opportunities are created for them to receive what they desire, and with time they see a better/happier life.

All she asks is that her clients relax and enjoy the divine energy and keep faith and trust.

Book Reiki Session with her now and unfold a beautiful path of love, happiness, joy & peace.

Love and Blessings

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